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How much does an eye chart count as myopia? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-10
Many people have a prejudice against the visual acuity test. In the results of visual inspection, if they do not reach normal vision, many people will convert it into a degree of myopia, thinking that the degree of myopia in their eyes is this degree. In fact, this concept It is wrong. If you want to know the degree of myopia clearly, you need to rely on optometry. Let's take a look at how much nearsightedness is on the eye chart. Vision of 1.0 and 5.0 is generally referred to as normal vision. And if the vision is lower than 1.0 or 5.0, there is refractive error, especially in the eye chart examination, the vision is relatively poor, even if the letters are relatively large, it is still unclear, generally short-sighted The degree is deep. However, it should be reminded that the visual acuity on the eye chart is not necessarily the true degree of myopia of the individual. Although the visual acuity is lower than 1.0, which is larger than the normal visual acuity, some people think that it is myopia, but there are many children and young people who may have pseudo-myopia. Due to the strong adjustment ability of the ciliary muscle, the degree of myopia is Dilated optometry is also required to be sure. The visual acuity of the eye chart and the true degree of myopia are two different concepts. There is a certain connection between the two, but the essence is different. The eye chart can detect a person's vision, and optometry can really know the degree of myopia in the eye, and the degree of myopia cannot be detected by the eye chart. When you use an eye chart to test your vision, don't blindly think that the data obtained is the degree of myopia of the eye, which is wrong.
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