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How much does Beijing glasses cost? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-23
Beijing is the most prosperous and economically prosperous city in China, and it is also the most professional, scientific and reliable area for eyeglasses in China. Not only that, Beijing glasses and optometry equipment is well-equipped, the optometrist is highly skilled, and the glasses are rich in varieties, which can definitely be matched with satisfactory glasses. So where is the best pair of glasses in Beijing, and how much does it cost to wear glasses in Beijing, is a topic that the general public is more concerned about. Let's take a look at it together. There are many places for glasses in Beijing. Simply speaking, there are traditional optical shops (Baodao glasses, Lean glasses, Dr. glasses, etc.), glasses city, or eye hospital, etc., all of which can be used for optometry. However, considering the price of eyeglasses, eyeglasses technology, and optometry technology, the editor here recommends ''Standard 21-step optometry technology' is a combination of computer optometry and medical optometry, which is more professional, more scientific and more reliable than traditional optical shops and optical cities. And optometry is a free experience, unlike an eye hospital that charges a certain fee. <2>. From the perspective of the price of glasses, the 'MTOC' direct sales model is adopted, and the glasses are purchased directly from the manufacturer. At the same time, the office building business model adopted has greatly reduced the rent of the store. Therefore, 'brand direct sales + low channel cost' reduces circulation costs and expenditure costs, so the same glasses can save half the price. <3>. The spectacle fitting equipment is imported from abroad, coupled with many years of experience and solid technology of optometrists, it can ensure that each wearer can enjoy a more comfortable and suitable glasses wearing experience. And they all cooperate with well-known enterprises, such as Essilor, Zeiss, Heuer, etc. The quality of glasses has passed the inspection and certification of the International Administration. According to different merchants, regions and brands, the price of glasses in Beijing will fluctuate, but from the perspective of price, quality, optometry technology and service, it is more in line with the consumer concept of the masses. For example, it is 1000 fast to buy glasses in a traditional optical shop, and you can get them at around 500 fast, which truly achieves the characteristics of high cost performance and value for money.
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