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How much does it cost to equip a pair of glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-03
How much does it cost to equip a pair of glasses, what is good with glasses, and where it is cheap to equip glasses, etc., are all topics of greater concern to the general public. Because glasses act directly on the eyes, they can allow us to see things more clearly, more comfortably, and more safely. However, for a pair of glasses with good quality, novel styles and bright colors, a pair of glasses costs at least 200-400 yuan. So don't care how much it costs to match a pair of glasses, but care where it is better to match glasses, or where the glasses are cost-effective. With the rapid development of the eyewear industry, competition among major brands has become more fierce. However, well-known brand eyewear shops include, Baodao, Lean, and PhD. Among them, Baodao, Jingyi, and Ph.D. are all relatively traditional optical shops. The quality and style of the glasses are popular among consumers, but the prices are too expensive. Any pair will cost more than 1,000 yuan. Relatively speaking, adopting the MTOC direct sales model, low channel costs and lower glasses circulation costs, will give more glasses discounts and concessions to consumers. It can also be said that the same glasses are about half cheaper and cost-effective. In addition to the price, quality and style of the glasses, the more important thing is optometry. No matter how good the quality is, and the style is fashionable and beautiful, if it is not comfortable to wear, it will affect the effect of correcting vision. The main reason for this is optometry. The computer optometry technology of traditional optical shops and medical optometry are relatively monotonous, and it is impossible to comprehensively check the health of the eyes. The Hong Kong-style 21-step optometry technology, which combines traditional computer optometry and medical optometry, can quickly, accurately and comprehensively measure the patient's diopter, allowing you to have more comfortable glasses.
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