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How much does it cost to match glasses in Shenzhen? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-01
Shenzhen, also known as Pengcheng, is one of the four major first-tier cities in China. It is located on the east bank of the Pearl River Estuary, across the sea from Hong Kong. In the prosperous city of Shenzhen, there are large and small optical shops. The glasses are equipped with professional and reliable technology. The optometrists are also highly skilled and experienced. The varieties of glasses are also rich and diverse. You can definitely match the glasses with satisfactory products. . So where is it good to have glasses in Shenzhen? How much does it cost to have glasses in Shenzhen? Let me take you to find out. The price of glasses is generally related to the quality of glasses, the business of glasses, the region of glasses, and the business model of the business. However, based on the editor's understanding of the glasses industry, a brand-name glasses with excellent quality and novel styles costs less than 300 to 400 yuan. However, the editor's understanding of Shenzhen, if you consider the price, quality, style and optometry technology of glasses, the business model and the sales price of glasses are more in line with the consumer's concept of the masses, because: 1. First in optometry It’s free. It adopts the 'Hong Kong-style medical standard 21 steps' optometry technology, which combines the advantages of computer optometry and medical optometry technology in traditional optical shops such as (Baodao Glasses, Lean Glasses, Doctor Glasses) and other famous optical shops. Accurately measure the patient's refractive power and check the problems of various tissues in the eye. 2. Adopting the 'MTOC' office building business model is a brand direct marketing and low channel cost business model, which not only reduces the circulation cost of glasses, but also reduces the rent of the shop. So the same glasses can save the general price. 3. In the selection of lenses and frames, we cooperate with famous companies, such as Essilor lenses, Zeiss lenses, etc. The quality of the glasses is guaranteed. At the same time, OULE designers use the form of visits to obtain the inspiration for the design of glasses. In addition to the superior performance of each product, the style is also in line with the tastes of the majority of young people, both fashionable and classic. As one of the four first-tier cities in the country, Shenzhen is across the sea from the famous Hong Kong, and the price of glasses is slightly higher than other cities. However, when matching glasses, no matter where they are, it is necessary to find a glasses shop with high cost performance. For example, the 'MTOC' business model reduces the cost of glasses and the shop, so the same glasses can be saved by half. s price.
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