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How much higher contact lens can be equipped with? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-12
Most of the friends who wear contact lenses have myopia. If the myopia is serious, it is actually more convenient to wear contact lenses, and as long as they can do daily care, they can also avoid some effects on the eyes. It is more recommended to choose some daily disposable contact lenses for high myopia, which can also be guaranteed, and daily activities are more convenient. But how high can contact lenses be matched? Can all myopia wear contact lenses? Contact lenses can be used within 2000 degrees In fact, relatively speaking, as long as the degree of myopia is not too high, in fact, contact lenses can be used. Now the degree of contact lenses is 0-2000 degrees, so as long as your frame lens degree does not exceed 2000 degrees, you can choose the right contact lenses. It's just that everyone's situation is different, and the degrees of framed glasses and contact lenses also need to be converted, so be sure to check a good degree table, and then choose a suitable degree of contact lenses. The choice of brand is also very important. Although it is said that myopia within 2000 degrees can be equipped with contact lenses, why do we rarely buy contact lenses with more than 1000 degrees? This is because there are relatively few people with such high myopia, and few people buy such contact lenses, so general brand merchants do not mass-produce them, so even if we want to buy them, there is no place to buy them. Therefore, it is generally necessary to customize it through, and pay attention to the choice of brand. High myopia contact lenses are more expensive In terms of price, the prices of ordinary myopia contact lenses are relatively low, so if we really want to buy more suitable contact lenses, then we must do a good job in price. measurement. The price of highly myopic contact lenses is not low, so try to cooperate with such a professional platform, so that it is more cost-effective to customize contact lenses, and it can also ensure that we can get a more favorable price.
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