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How much is a pair of Haichang cosmetic contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-24
Generally, when choosing cosmetic contact lenses, they will choose those well-known cosmetic contact lenses, such as the old brand of Bausch u0026 Lomb cosmetic contact lenses. Haichang cosmetic contact lenses are also a very famous color contact lens. Many celebrities have been invited to do it. Endorsement. As for the cost of a pair of Haichang cosmetic contact lenses, it still depends on the type of Haichang cosmetic contact lenses. Let's take a look at it together below. Haichang cosmetics are available in three types: daily, semi-annual and annual. The prices are different. Haichang cosmetics are available in three types: daily, semi-annual and annual. Semi-annual and annual are low-water content lenses. , The water content is 38%. For those who are prone to dry eyes, you can choose this kind of lens, and the semi-annual and annual lenses are better shaped and more convenient to wear. The market price of a piece of equipment that is sold half a year and sold every year is different. The price of one piece sold in half a year is 59 yuan-79 yuan. The market price is uncertain. Generally, the price in physical stores and online is also different from the market price. The price difference is about tens of yuan. If you buy a pair of cosmetic contacts If you do, then you have to buy two lenses, and it’s close to 100 yuan for a pair of US contacts for half a year. The market price of one piece of cosmetic contact lenses sold by Haichang in the year ranges from 70 yuan to 100 yuan. Generally, it is cheaper to sell online, but you must choose a regular contact lens store, otherwise inferior cosmetics will cause great damage to your eyes. of. Generally gray, brown, purple, blue, and black colors can be selected. The patterns are diverse and the magnification effect is very obvious. Haichang daily cosmetic contact lenses are high-water content lenses, which are not suitable for people who have dry eyes. They will be drier after wearing, but they are very suitable for people with watery eyes. Daily disposable 20 pieces are available on the market. The price is close to 200 yuan, of course, the price of different physical stores and online stores is different from the market price. The price of Haichang cosmetic contact lenses is not the same. When choosing, in addition to choosing a formal platform to purchase, you also need to understand your eye condition and the wearing time. For example, if the wearing time is only a few months, you can If you choose to sell it half a year, the price is relatively favorable.
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