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How much is astigmatism serious?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-08
Astigmatism is actually mainly related to the cornea, and astigmatism is also a type of refractive error of the eye. In fact, some myopic patients have astigmatism in life. Similar to myopia, astigmatism is also divided into serious and severe. The degree of astigmatism is considered serious, and it also depends on the degree of astigmatism. Severe astigmatism will affect life. Let's take a look at how serious astigmatism is. Generally, the astigmatism below 100 degrees is called low-grade astigmatism, and the astigmatism of 100-200 degrees is poisonous astigmatism. The astigmatism of 200-300 degrees is severe astigmatism, and the astigmatism above 300 degrees is high astigmatism. If the degree of astigmatism is serious, generally higher than 100 degrees of astigmatism is considered high. Generally, for mild astigmatism, if it does not affect life, it can be corrected without correction. For example, astigmatism below 50 degrees can be corrected without correction, and physiological astigmatism can also be corrected without correction. However, if the astigmatism is more than 75 degrees, it is better to correct it in order to see things more clearly. And if there is astigmatism, if it is not well corrected, it will not only affect the clarity of things, but also affect the development of vision. Generally speaking, if astigmatism affects vision, it needs to be corrected actively. Although some astigmatism is not very serious, but it has affected their work, it also needs to be corrected. For the correction of astigmatism, at present, mainly glasses correction and surgical correction. Due to the surgical treatment, there are many limitations, and no one can guarantee that the vision will always be this good in the future. Generally, it is mainly corrected with glasses. With the increase of age, the adjustment ability of the ciliary muscle is also weakened, and the symptoms of poor vision will become more and more obvious. Therefore, even with astigmatism glasses, when looking at things If it is not clear, it is also necessary to change the glasses in time.
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