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How much is high myopia? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-25
First of all, let's tell everyone: myopia is divided by degree, less than three hundred degrees is mild myopia, and between 300 and six hundred degrees is moderate myopia. Refractive errors with myopia greater than 600 degrees (children> 400 degrees) are called high myopia. High myopia often has pathological changes in the eye, so high myopia is equated with pathological myopia or degenerative myopia. So why does it cause this kind of high myopia? Let's take a look together! The cause of high myopia: So far, the cause of high myopia is still unknown. Some ophthalmologists said that pathological myopia is mainly related to heredity. It is mainly manifested as myopia in children at school age. The degree of myopia increases progressively, and the retinal choroidal disease of the fundus gets worse year by year, which leads to many serious complications. The acquired environment also plays an important role in the onset of myopia, mainly in some long-term poorly illuminated environments, as well as poor reading and work habits. Long-term reading or working at close distances will cause the eye's adjustment muscles to be in constant tension. In the contracted state, the ability to adjust gradually weakens, leading to myopia. So how do we prevent the development of high myopia? There are many serious complications of high myopia, and we should pay attention to protection and treatment. For myopia above 600 degrees, its vision is obviously low and it is difficult to correct it. Therefore, it should be corrected at a low level when fitting glasses in order to improve our vision. Particular attention should be paid to the rational use of eyes, choosing appropriate jobs, avoiding long-term continuous use of eyes at close range, and actively participating in some outdoor activities. Always ensure adequate sleep, work and rest, a balanced diet, and reasonable nutrition. In order to slow down or stop the development of myopia, excessive eye use and bad visual stimulation should be avoided.
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