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How much is reading glasses?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-02
Presbyopia is a physiological phenomenon. After a certain age, there will be different degrees of presbyopia, blurring and blurred vision, and the degree of presbyopia will increase with age. Nowadays, many lenses used by the elderly have fully taken into account the eye conditions of the elderly. There are many lenses that are more convenient to use on the market, and the prices are naturally different. Let's take a look at how much it costs to wear reading glasses. No matter where you go with reading glasses, the optometry of the eyes is naturally indispensable. Generally, there are mainly hospital optometry and optometry in optical shops. Of course, it is necessary to choose regular optometry to be reliable. In general, many hospitals have to charge for optometry, while some optical shops are free optometry, such as the use of Hong Kong-style optometry, which is very accurate, but free. Generally speaking, everyone usually pays more attention to lenses, and there are many types of lenses suitable for the elderly, and the brands, materials, functions and prices of the lenses are also different. For example, the OULE Wanyue 1.667 color-changing progressive film has a full view type, the market price reaches 5148 yuan, and the OULE price is only 3500 yuan. The OULE Wanyue 1.499 progressive film is full of models, the market price is 1692 yuan, and the OULE price is 1150 yuan. Essilor's 15,520-mile progressive film is ultra-thin, with a market price of 1,219 yuan and an OULE price of 829 yuan. Essilor Wanli Road computer special 1.591 white crystal progressive film, the market price is 1699 yuan, and the OULE price is 1156 yuan. These lenses have different refractive indices and different prices, and the progressive lens has both a color-changing effect. It can be said that it is a multi-functional lens, that is, it can see different distances in the far, middle and near, and after discoloration, it can be better outdoors. The protection of the eyes, serving multiple purposes. At present, the frame is cheaper than the traditional optical shop, and the metal reading glasses only need more than 100 in OULE. Including the memory metal frame, some frames are less than one hundred. Hundreds, such as folding full-frame glasses, are also made of metal, and the OULE price is less than one hundred. Affordable prices are inseparable from the choice of low-rent office buildings and the direct sales model, which greatly reduces the cost.
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