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How much is the DG sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
Generally speaking, the luxury brand products will not be too cheap, and dolce & gabbana is luxury brands from milan, Italy, so the price of DG sunglasses should be relatively high. But the DG brand only belongs to the dolce & gabbana line brands, the DG route and main brand is different also, DG walk route is relatively common, so let's take a look at how much DG sunglasses. Recommended reading: introduction of DG brand DG sunglasses span is very big, the price of the sunglasses from 800 to 14000, there is, but most of the design is focused on the level of around $1200 to $3500, let's look at each price below what is the distinguishing feature of the dolce & gabbana sunglasses. The sunglasses price in 1200 yuan, mirrors the main material for the bright resin PC, using small cat's eye hinge type frame and mirror legs place golden metal reflect luxurious feeling, whole together with the brown tortoise shell pattern will fashion sense, very stylish. Recommended reading: DG sunglasses styles recommend the streets wind ms dolce & gabbana sunglasses priced at 3100 yuan, the main material used for metal, compared with a picture on the sunglasses, you can see the price of the dolce & gabbana sunglasses is more simple, but very with texture and characteristics, and strong an Italian taste. The lady sunglasses price in 6200 yuan, feel the texture with golden jewelry material, it will be costly feeling embodied to perfection, but scrutiny and some classic ancient flavor, very interesting, let those glasses are not pure and pearls look vulgar, is aristocratic lady worthy of a pair of sunglasses, and it is worth mentioning that the 4400 - dolce & gabbana 7400 yuan between sunglasses, mostly in the form of such luxury. The dolce & gabbana sunglasses price didn't reach the peak, but also is the high price of 13100 yuan or so, look at this pair of sunglasses, not too much fancy techniques, but adopt unique models with suitable color to express the feeling of graceful and restrained elegant and fashionable atmosphere, there are some details of the material is expensive.
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