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How much is the hospital dilated optometry? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-23
Mydriatic optometry in the hospital is mainly to distinguish between true and false myopia and the correct degree of hyperopia. Especially for children and adolescents, because the ciliary muscle has a particularly strong ability to adjust, it is necessary to dilate pupils. Some parents will ask how much is the cost of mydriatic refraction in the hospital? Because different hospitals in different places have different prices, let's find out below. In some hospitals, mydriasis does not require money for mydriatic optometry, provided that the mydriasis optometry performed in the hospital requires glasses in the hospital. That is, in the hospital, the ophthalmologist performs mydriatic refraction on people with particularly strong ciliary muscle adjustment ability, and the result is true myopia, or if other factors require glasses, the cost of the hospital mydriatic refraction is free. Mainly the cost of glasses. In some hospitals, mydriasis and optometry range from tens to hundreds of yuan. If only mydriasis is used to confirm whether it is true myopia or false myopia, some hospitals may charge tens of yuan. But because not all people are suitable for mydriatic optometry, it is necessary to perform related eye examinations before mydriatic optometry to ensure the safety of mydriasis. The cost of these related eye examinations varies according to different hospitals and the specific items examined, and a bottle of dilated eye drops costs tens of yuan, so if they add up, the price will be different, tens of It is possible to reach a hundred yuan or even more. Mydriatic optometry in the hospital is just a correct reference to the degree of the eye. Regardless of pseudomyopia or true myopia, the usual eye-using habits are very important. Scientific use of eyes can not only relieve myopia, but also effectively prevent the occurrence of eye diseases.
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