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How much is the ports sunglasses price generally

by:Eugenia     2020-08-15
Ports sunglasses are good at using the color of fresh active combined with high-tech materials, create comfortable profusion feast. When you heard ports sunglasses, you will find that the ports feature is very obvious, sunglasses have almost busy around the characteristics of the four seasons of chun xiaqiu winter season, colorful and do not break a jewel. So let's take a look at the beautiful ports sunglasses price what is common. Recommended reading: ports glass frame - — Colorful glasses feast ports men sunglasses: style number: PSM11603 price: RMB 1480 pilot metal frame, texture light, especially when wearing comfortable, light metal mirror legs, gray progressive lenses, ornament is ideal shape. Style number: PSM11504 price: RMB 1680 light metal frames with coating progressive lenses, the pilot fashion and manly, injection PORTS logo mirror leg, wear comfortable at the same time reveals the brand attitude. Style number: PSM13304 - CD44 price: RMB 1480 sunglasses cixin using a unique acetate frame, decorated with nylon polarized lens, metal mirror legs with PORTS double P logo. Ms ports sunglasses: style number: PSF13605 price: RMB 1699 round black flower borders, profile and aesthetic feeling restoring ancient ways, the same color lens leg is decorated with the double P, lightweight fashion, with a gradient lenses, instantly brighten your elegant modelling. Style number: PSU11601 price: RMB 1599 light striking gold metal frame and the hexagonal box type, tortoise-shell glasses legs on both sides of the coffee, the most expensive gas luxuriant play, the new gold lens effectively realize uv protection function, emanate charming atmosphere. Recommended reading: ports sun glasses good-looking? Style number: PSF13518 price: RMB 1399 sunglasses cixin using sheet metal picture frame, unique style, light and strong, sheet metal mirror legs with double metal logo, P frame lines chic and elegant. Style number: PSU11602 price: RMB 1599 contracted style, big round match with the design of the metal frame, picture frame of style restoring ancient ways, new blue lens reflect the spring is there, the slender metal mirror legs comfortable wearing full of fashionable taste at the same time, the extraordinary taste. Can be seen from the above seven men and women type ports sunglass, ports sunglasses prices in 1400 - generally 1700 yuan between, aimed at a high level, if you want to experience the charm of ports sunglasses, quality and performance, might as well can proceed with a pair of, ports sunglasses not only have beautiful appearance, but also adopts the advanced high-tech material and uv technology. It is worth mentioning that other ports on the optical glass frame's price is cheaper than ports sunglasses, there is demand of consumers to choose and buy glasses sunglasses factory network.
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