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How much is the price of myopia glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-22
In order to protect their eyesight, when many people buy glasses, they would rather buy some high-priced high-end glasses rather than hurt their eyes. In fact, the price of glasses is still very cost-effective now, and the super cost-effective platform is also more worthy of everyone's choice. And now many people will choose to wear color-changing myopia glasses, in fact, not only for beauty, but also for UV protection, but how much does a pair of these glasses cost? First, the impact of refractive index on the price In fact, you need to choose color-changing glasses. You must still determine the refractive index of the lenses, because the higher the refractive index, the thickness of the glasses will definitely be lower. For high myopia, it may only be If you choose a lens with a refractive index of 1.74, then the price will definitely be higher. Therefore, if we want to buy suitable color-changing glasses, we must pay special attention to the refractive index. The lenses in the product will be introduced accordingly. We can directly determine our needs if we want to purchase them. Second, the influence of the brand on the price of lenses Because there are many brands of color-changing glasses whose prices are not low, after all, the lenses are also subject to certain changes with the intensity of ultraviolet rays, so the technical content of such lenses is also higher. Yes, the price is definitely not too low. Generally, the price of domestic lenses may be slightly lower, but if you import lenses, many of them need to be booked, so the quotation will be slightly higher, and you should confirm in advance. Third, the influence of the optical channel on the price of the optical channel we choose is different, and there will definitely be some differences in the price. The price of glasses is still very cost-effective, and the super cost-effective glasses mode can also save us a lot of costs. Therefore, if we determine that we want to wear discolored myopia lenses, and determine the conditions of optometry and refractive index, then choose the appropriate lenses, which will naturally be more secure, and the price of glasses through the Internet can also save a certain amount. cost of.
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