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How much is the sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
How much is the sunglasses? Glasses quotation includes two parts, the glass frame and the lens is not the same material price is not the same, usually ranging from dozens to several thousand. Glasses fitting quality, also don't see quotation, myopic friends should pursue outstanding visual effect. When normal glasses, usually use more lens has several kinds, such as glass lenses, high polymer resin lens, PC lens, double three focus lens, lens, the progressive multiple focal lens, special glasses needed for trade and composite lenses, each kind of lens from the material to the characteristics and advantages to the effect, choose to offer is not the same. The current glass lenses and application of resin lens is common. As mentioned several behind the lens, the use of material is more high-end, more function, and the use of specific people, so each kind of lens of quotation is not the same. But, hefei pury ophthalmology expert clew, whether it is a what kind of glasses, the glasses for the must do sufficient specialized, under the guidance of the doctor with his right eyes of the lens is strong. Sunglasses factory ms YC9709 sunglasses C4 tortoise frames/lenses ash this aspect, there are many kinds of classification. Such as whole rims, half rims, wu kuang frames, eyebrows, combined frame, folding, etc. According to the raw material, and plastic frames, metal frames and mixed materials. Such as craft, material, function is not the same, so each kind of frame quotation will also be different. Let's when choosing frames, not just in order to correct vision, but also to two or morethings and beautiful and the function of decoration. So, choose an appropriate frame also is to have knowledge of. From the frame size and shape to our skin color, hair style, fashion elements, etc, can be included in the thinking of our glasses for the factors. Glasses brand very much, Formosa, daming, Johnson & Johnson, hydron, Dr, tyrannosaurus these are all we know about the brand, is also popular. Glasses have now entered the quality market, there are also many thousands of tens of thousands of yuan a pair of glasses. But anyway, two main functions of glasses, one is for vision, a is as accessories. Glasses is not the more expensive the better, to meet the needs of us, let's right is a very good glasses.
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