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How much myopia do I need to wear glasses? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-08
Myopia needs glasses, some people are in favor of it, while others are not. In fact, glasses are not only for the need to correct myopia, but also for the healthy development of vision. Especially for some young children, because the eyeballs have not developed stably, they are not suitable for myopia surgery. Glasses are the best choice. So, how many degrees of myopia do you need to wear glasses? Let's find out together. For many children and adolescents, first of all, it is necessary to know whether it is true myopia. If it is true myopia after mydriasis and optometry, it depends on the actual situation of the individual to choose whether to wear glasses and how many glasses to wear. If you usually use your eyes very little, and low-level myopia does not affect the individual, you can temporarily not match. Generally, children and adolescents need to wear a pair of glasses because of their learning needs. If myopia affects their learning, it is better to wear a pair of glasses, which can reduce the pressure on the eyes, relieve eye fatigue, and slow down the development of myopia. If you have some low-level myopia, if you find that you can't see the blackboard when you are sitting behind, you also need to wear glasses. You can wear glasses when you are in class or when you need them. You don't need to wear them at ordinary times. Degrees will not go up. Some people not only have myopia, but also need glasses for astigmatism. For such groups, no matter how much myopia, once it affects the ability of the eyes to gather and adjust, they all need glasses, and because of astigmatism If so, glasses need to be worn frequently, otherwise, vision will decline faster. When there is a large difference in vision between the two eyes, glasses need to be fitted according to the actual situation. Otherwise, the difference in the degrees of the two eyes will affect the development of vision, and some people will have esotropia.
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