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How often do myopia glasses change_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-05
It is understood that after most people wear glasses, they will wear them all the time, and will not replace them until they are damaged or do not achieve the desired effect. In fact, lenses have their own 'extra service period'. If this period is exceeded, it is likely to cause accelerated myopia, and sometimes cause various eye diseases. A large part of this phenomenon is not well understood, or even unknown. Today, the editor will take everyone to find out how often to change myopia glasses. How often do my glasses for myopia change? 1. For ordinary myopia patients, that is, patients with a low degree of myopia. Generally, the glasses are replaced every two years. Two considerations can be taken to replace the glasses: <1> adjust the degree; <2> update. If there are scratches on the surface of the glasses, it will affect the optical performance of the glasses themselves. Therefore, before the time limit for changing the glasses is reached, the glasses must be maintained and inspected regularly. If you find a problem, you must update it in time to keep the glasses in good working condition. 2. Some adolescents with rapid changes in eye power usually change their glasses every six months or a year. Because for teenagers, they spend too much time with their eyes in life. Coupled with long-term use of eyes at close range, ciliary muscle adjustment spasm will appear obviously, and myopia is very easy to deepen. In short, for teenagers who overuse their eyes, remember to refraction once every six months. If you find that the glasses have not been well corrected for diopter, you should change them in time. But also pseudomyopia. After the pupil is dilated, the eyes are rested and treated with medication, and the vision can be restored without the need to wear glasses. Young people should pay attention when changing glasses. <1> Must go through mydriasis and optometry: do not sloppy when optometry and glasses, and must match glasses according to optometry prescriptions issued by regular hospitals. <2> In addition to subjective optometry, pupil dilation optometry should also be used for optometry. Because the adolescent’s ocular muscles are too accommodating, mydriasis and refraction can truly understand the refractive status and refractive power. The refractive power of the matched lens and the refractive power on the prescription should be consistent. If the deviation exceeds the national standard, it will accelerate the development of myopia or hyperopia. How often do myopia glasses change? Generally speaking, there is no rule to change glasses. If you feel that you don’t see things clearly after wearing the glasses, you usually need to change them. There is also an increase in the degree of myopia related to their own physical fitness. Some people change it several times a year, while some people only change it every few years. If you are sure that your eyes are true myopia, then you must try to control the development of your eyes. Remember that if your eyes are below 300 degrees, it is best not to wear glasses often.
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