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How often do you need glasses for your eyes? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-29
How many degrees to wear glasses is currently the hottest topic, because more and more children, teenagers and adults have myopia. Wearing appropriate myopia glasses can properly correct the diopter of the eyeball, and can also prevent the adjustment and collection functions of the eyes from being out of balance, and maintain or restore vision. So for myopic patients, it is necessary to know how many degrees of glasses to wear with glasses. The following editor will give you a detailed introduction. 1. For infants: the infant is in the growth stage, the tissues and organs of the whole body have not yet matured, and the same is true of the eyeball. If the child has myopia, the eyeball itself also has a certain ability to correct itself. If some mild myopia wear glasses too early, it may affect the self-correction ability of the eyeball, and it will also cause true myopia, so there is no need to consider the problem of how many glasses to match. 2. For children: it should be treated according to the degree and nature of myopia. If the child has mild or moderate myopia, it should be considered that it may be related to growth and development, and the wearing of glasses can be postponed until maturity. Before this, it is advisable to use massage, acupuncture, eye exercises and other methods for treatment and correction, so as to avoid the child's true myopia. If the child has farsightedness, astigmatism, amblyopia or strabismus in addition to myopia, it must be corrected by wearing glasses. 3. For adolescents and adults: First of all, the degree to which adolescents and adults should wear glasses depends on the situation. 1. If it is a teenager with mild myopia (with a degree of myopia less than 300), because of the frequent use of eyes and unstable ciliary muscle function, glasses should be worn no matter when looking at distant or near objects to maintain convenience in life. 2. If it is moderate myopia (myopia is 300-600 diopters), or there is astigmatism, it is necessary to wear glasses frequently to avoid astigmatism affecting eye health. 3. If it is high myopia (diopter above 600), no matter whether there is astigmatism or not, you should always wear glasses. 4. Adults with mild myopia below 200 degrees and non-close-range workers may not wear glasses when looking at near objects, but it is better to wear glasses when looking at distant objects. Myopia patients wearing a pair of glasses suitable for their degree will not deepen the degree of myopia. However, in daily life, if you do not pay attention to eye hygiene, use your eyes excessively or wear other people's glasses casually, the degree of myopia will continue to deepen.
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