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How often is it appropriate to change rgp glasses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-02
The appearance of RGP glasses still makes many myopic friends feel that the gospel is really coming. Many people have asked whether they can also wear such glasses. In fact, it is to ensure that they are genuine and save money at the same time. However, RGP is different from ordinary contact lenses. Although it can be worn for a long time, the lenses also have a certain service life, but how often should such lenses be replaced? One, what are RGP glasses? This kind of glasses is actually a new generation of contact lenses, because it has very good oxygen permeability, so it is more comfortable to wear. Its optical properties and anti-discoloration properties are better, and it can also help us correct the degree. Now what we see everyday are generally worn during the day, but there are also night-wear models, which can be purchased according to your actual needs. Second, how often do you replace the lenses? If you want to ensure a good wearing effect, it is recommended that you should go to a regular hospital for optometry, and the glasses should also be replaced at regular intervals. Generally, it needs to be replaced in about one and a half to two years, depending on the situation we wear, and then replace it according to our own situation. However, it cannot be more than two years. Everyone must go to the hospital for replacement in time, otherwise it will also affect the eyes. Third, what are the benefits of GRP glasses? After all, the price of RGP glasses is still not low, and professional channel glasses are also required, otherwise, good glasses cannot be guaranteed. However, these glasses are still more beautiful, and the comfort is very good. It can also help us control myopia and astigmatism, so it is still a good choice for daily wear. However, it is also recommended that you consider your actual situation, because the care of such lenses is very troublesome and requires the use of special cleaning solutions and equipment. And every once in a while you also need to have eye examinations, so you should also consider your actual needs when you want to wear glasses.
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