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How often is the contact lens care solution changed? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-16
As long as you wear contact lenses, how can you not use the care solution? Even if we wear daily disposable contact lenses for a long time, we definitely need to use contact lens care solution daily for cleaning. It is very necessary to keep contact lens care solution at home. Many people may not know how often the contact lens care solution is changed. Today, I will give us a detailed answer. 1. The shelf life of the contact lens care solution. After you buy the contact lens care solution, you can see its shelf life directly on the box. As long as it is still within the shelf life, you can use it, because the contact lens care solution is all processed Sealed. However, it is recommended that you can use more contact lens care solution for three months after opening. Even if you only use the care solution once or twice within three months of opening, the ingredients in it have deteriorated, so you must replace it. Second, the replacement of soaking contact lens care solution Many friends don't wear contact lenses often, but we may buy contact lenses that are thrown for half a year or every year, so we must soak in the contact lens care solution daily. It is more recommended that everyone replace the contact lens care solution every day to maintain the freshness of the eyeglass care solution, which is of great help to soaking contact lenses. If your time is tight, replace it at least once every three days to prevent a large number of bacteria from affecting the quality of contact lenses. Third, avoid mixing contact lens care solutions. We can see that there are many contact lens care solutions, but you should not mix products of different brands as much as possible. Because every brand of contact lens care solution has different ingredients, if you mix and use it, it is likely to cause a reaction of some ingredients, which is not good for the existing glasses. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone use regular brand care solutions as much as possible, but do not mix them, and pay attention to the shelf life.
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