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How often is the contact lens case changed? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-13
If you want to wear contact lenses every day, then the cleanliness of the glasses case is also very important. If even the glasses case has bacteria growth, how can you ensure the hygiene and safety of contact lenses? It is more recommended that everyone can change the contact lens case regularly, and now basically buying contact lenses will give you a certain amount of contact lenses and for free. But how often should such a contact lens case be replaced? First, it must be disinfected for the first use. Although it seems that the contact lens cases are very clean, for example, the gift contact lens cases are sealed in packaging, but it is recommended to use boiling water for soaking. At least it is necessary to ensure that all accessories and boxes are soaked for about 10 minutes, which can also ensure a good disinfection effect. After the first use, you should also pay special attention to basic cleaning. Basically, you should clean it once a week to avoid bacterial growth. Second, change the care solution in time. If your contact lenses are not worn frequently, you must pay special attention to changing the contact lens care solution every once in a while. You should replace it once at least within 3 days, otherwise it will definitely appear larger. Impact. Especially friends who wear long-period contact lenses, at least every two or three days to replace the care solution. It is also recommended that you keep some glasses cases, so that you can replace them at least every two or three months. Third, the contact lens case must be replaced after three months. It seems that the contact lens case may not be dirty. After all, it is soaked in the care solution daily. But in fact, there are some bacteria that can not be seen by the naked eye, so we must pay special attention to the replacement of some basic contact lens cases. Every time you buy contact lenses, you can give you some contact lens cases. It is recommended to replace them every three months, so as to maintain a good cleaning effect and avoid the impact on the eyes.
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