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How often should the new spectacle lenses be replaced? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-07
Like many things, spectacle lenses have a life limit. No matter how you usually care and care, spectacle lenses must be replaced for a certain period of time, otherwise it will affect the clarity of the eyes and may seriously cause vision loss. , Deepen the degree of myopia. In short, whether it is new or old spectacle lenses, there is a life limit. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the time of replacement of spectacle lenses, understand the life of spectacle lenses, and replace them in time, in order to correct vision and obtain clarity. Comfortable vision. First, the use of glasses for longer than a certain period of time will easily lead to a deepening of the power. Many people feel that no matter what they look at after wearing new glasses, they feel that everything is clear and life is much easier, but because of these factors, many people often ignore the glasses. The life of the film. As long as the spectacle lens exceeds a certain period of use, it will have the opposite effect, such as deepening the degree of myopia, making it impossible for your eyes to see objects. Therefore, spectacle lenses, like many things, need to be replaced after a long time, otherwise it will indirectly endanger the health of eyesight. Second, resin lenses are easy to be scratched and must be replaced after a long time. For young myopia patients, most of them use resin lenses. The disadvantage of resin lenses is that they are not resistant to scratches and are easily scratched and scratched. mark. Therefore, people who wear resin lenses, if they are not careful in their daily life, will easily damage the lenses and cause scratches on the lenses, which will easily affect the correction of the light, resulting in not being able to improve the effect of myopia, but will Bring visual adverse effects to the wearer. In this case, the lens must be replaced, regardless of the expiration date. 3. Glasses cannot be replaced when the lens is damaged. Glasses need to be replaced regularly. Most people change their glasses. They only think of replacing glasses when the temples are broken or damaged in other places, and they never think of glasses. The expiration date of the film. In fact, this approach is also correct. It is a correct approach to check the glasses for damage and scratches on a regular basis, and then replace the glasses in time. But also keep in mind that apart from these problems, glasses should be replaced. Under normal circumstances, the life of spectacle lenses ranges from 1-2 years. Some people have replaced them in less than a year, and some people have almost 2 years. It has been replaced. But no matter what, it is better to replace the newly equipped spectacle lens after 1.5 years of wearing, so as not to have the opposite effect.
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