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How should I choose glasses if my eyes are too far apart? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-30
Everyone's main vision is different. Perhaps most people have their right eye as the main vision. When they were young, they would tilt their heads and write, which would cause the two glasses to have different degrees of myopia. If the difference is only about 50-100 degrees, there won't be much problem in fact, just go with the glasses normally. Now submit the optometry form directly to it, so it is very easy to get glasses. But if the power of our two glasses is very different, how do we choose glasses? First, choose high-refractive-index lenses as much as possible. Many people may have one eye has reached high myopia, and the other eye has only two or three hundred degrees, so the rationality of the lens must be considered. Although many ordinary lenses are also good now, it is recommended that the two glasses are very different. Then you should choose a high refractive index lens, so that at least the thickness of the two sides will not be too different. First, ensure the aesthetics. And the effect of transparency is also very important. Second, choose a frame with a high degree of comfort. Since the two glasses have different degrees, there must be a certain difference in the lenses. So when you wear glasses, you should choose some ultra-light frames, so at least it won’t hurt us. Too much pressure. But you must pay special attention to the temples not being too thin, and there must be nose pads, otherwise there may be imbalance between the left and right eyes. Although you may not feel uncomfortable for a while, it will have a certain effect. Pay attention to this. Third, choosing the right optics channel requires high-quality glasses to ensure that there are no problems with optics. From vision to lens selection, it is very important, and it is also necessary to select a relatively good business. In fact, it is recommended that everyone choose directly. As long as the optometry is determined and the data has no problems, the website can provide optician services according to our actual situation. This will naturally also ensure a good optician effect, comfort and wearing. It will not be affected.
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