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How to bring contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-16
Female friends who love beauty, basically everyone will have several different types of contact lenses. The color and pattern of the cosmetic contact lenses are very beautiful, which can also make our eyes look piercing. But many people don't know how to wear contact lenses. Today, I will introduce in detail the daily wearing methods of contact lenses. First, choose the contact lens that suits you. Because there are too many types of contact lenses now, if we want to be able to guarantee the wearing effect, we must meet our needs. Only in this way can we guarantee a very good wearing effect. There are many different types of advanced contact lenses. It is recommended that you choose daily or bi-weekly disposable styles to ensure a more comfortable wearing effect. Second, do a good job of cleaning. Because we want to wear contact lenses, you must do a good job of cleaning your hands. It is recommended that you must use a special hand sanitizer, and if you have long nails, the position of your thumb and index finger The nails must be dealt with well, and you should not have too long nails, or you may hurt your eyes. Third, cleaning the contact lens before daily wear, we can use the contact lens care solution to clean it, so as to ensure that the contact lens presents a more comfortable state, and it is easier to wear it. It is recommended that you use your index finger to hold the contact lens, and then pay attention to the front and back, and then put the contact lens into your eyeball. Fourth, the main points of taking off your glasses are actually more important than wearing glasses. Everyone's daily contact lens removal method is different. It is recommended that you wash your hands and let them dry naturally, and then use your right hand to push the contact lens to the edge of the eyeball and then remove it. This method is relatively easy. It is not recommended to use some so-called artifacts, because once the eyeball is bruised, it may take a long time to maintain it.
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