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How to buy men's sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-11
Sunglasses can prevent ultraviolet rays very well, and it is very effective for protecting the eyes. Especially in summer, the sun's rays are very strong, and ultraviolet rays are more harmful to the eyes, and sunglasses are even more popular decorations in summer. For different people, the choice of sunglasses is also different. Let's take a look at how to buy men's sunglasses. Different face shapes, choose different sunglasses to match, can well modify the face shape. For a square face, because the upper and lower parts are relatively wide, it is necessary to choose a thinner frame suitable for selection. The lenses are preferably rectangular or oblong, which can well modify the wider line. If you have a round face, it looks rounder overall, and the forehead and jaw lines look plump. You need to choose a thicker frame and a flat and rectangular lens, so that you can well modify the rounder feeling and increase the hardness of the line. . The oval face shape can be said to be a better choice, generally suitable for most types of sunglasses. For a long face, choose a thicker frame, and choose a frame as large as possible to cover the longer face and reduce the overall impression of a long face. If the face is larger, it is suitable to wear sunglasses with larger lenses, while for people with a small face, it is better to choose sunglasses with thin edges and polygons, which is more agile. For those who are taller, it is suitable to wear sunglasses that are wider and have prominent edges and corners. For those who are thinner, it is suitable to wear smaller lenses. Blue lenses are suitable for wearing at the seaside, and blue effectively filters the sea water and the blue reflected in the sky. Yellow lenses can increase the contrast, suitable for air pollution and evening wear. Brown, green, and gray lenses will not cause distortion and are the choice of most men's sunglasses. Men's sunglasses brand is an important reference for many men to choose sunglasses. There are also many brands that have been very thin, such as Ray-Ban sunglasses, OULE sunglasses, Gucci sunglasses and so on. These sunglasses are very good in terms of quality and eye protection. The choice of men's sunglasses depends on the personal choice of the brand.
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