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How to buy swimming goggles with degrees? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-14
Myopia can also choose to wear myopia goggles for swimming. In addition to the choice of degree, other aspects of swimming goggles also need to be considered. A good pair of swimming goggles with degree is to be suitable for individuals and better protect the eyes. Let's choose how to choose the degree of swimming goggles together. The first is the choice of degree. How to choose the degree of myopia goggles? Generally, it is based on the actual degree of the individual minus 50-100 degrees, and the degree obtained is the degree of the goggles. Of course, there are different situations for myopia, and there are some differences when choosing swimming goggles with degrees. When both eyes have the same degree of myopia, it is very convenient to choose swimming goggles, just buy them directly. When manufacturers produce myopia swimming goggles, they generally use integrated myopia swimming goggles. The left and right eyes have the same degree, so the choice is very convenient and the price is not very expensive. You can choose according to your favorite brand of swimming goggles. When the myopia degree of the two eyes is different, you can customize the swimming goggles with the degree according to the actual situation of the individual. This kind of customized goggles with a degree of wear will be more suitable for individuals, but the limitation is that not all places are customized, and relatively speaking, the price is naturally more expensive. You can also choose a separate swimming goggles. That is, the frame and the lens are manufactured separately and are being assembled, but the limitation is that the astigmatism problem cannot be solved. But the price is relatively moderate. The surface of the lens of the swimming goggles must conform to the optics. It must be clear and undistorted to see things underwater, and the field of vision must be wide. The design should be based on ergonomic design, and it should be comfortable to wear. The nose bridge and headband of the swimming goggles can be easily adjusted for convenience. The frame and goggles need to fit well with the eye sockets, and the anti-slip performance of the swimming goggles should be good. Generally, good quality swimming goggles also have the functions of waterproofing, fogging, and UV protection.
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