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How to change single eyelid to double eyelid? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-17
Many girls want to have beautiful big eyes, but due to congenital reasons, many people are born with single eyelids. What should I do? Don’t worry, worry can’t solve any problems. How can you rely on yourself when looking at your single eyelid’s lack of anger? What about double eyelid stickers? One, a good way to change double eyelid stickers from single eyelid to double eyelid is to use double eyelid stickers. There are two types of double eyelid stickers, one is wider and the other is narrower. I would choose a wider double eyelid sticker. It is semi-circular, and it must be applied along the curvature of the eyelashes. Otherwise, bad conditions will occur. There is also a crescent shape. There is no requirement for this type of double eyelid sticker. Pasting method, as long as it is pasted according to the texture you like. After choosing the double eyelid sticker, how to apply it is still a key. The glue is inseparable from the double eyelid. Many people think this is indeed a technical task. First, draw the desired double eyelid size on the eyelid, and then Then apply glue, and then press and fix it with a stick, so that it will be a bit difficult to apply the eye shadow later, and when removing it later, the glue will get into the eyes and the eyes will hurt, so be careful. 2. Double eyelid incision. Many people choose the once and for all method is double eyelid incision. This method lasts for a long time. It can remove fat and loose skin by cutting, and then remove the skin with the orbicularis oculi muscle and The aponeurosis of the upper face is sutured together, but it takes a long time to recover the scar and it is likely to leave marks. Korean double eyelid is a method used by more people. Many people want to become double eyelid using this method, because it just opens a small mouth on both ends of the upper face, then extracts fat, and then tightens it. The skin of the eyes can also make the eyes look more attractive.
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