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How to change the degree of contact lens? Calculate_contact lens_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-17
Many people have the habit of wearing contact lenses, and everyone should pay special attention to the conversion of rimmed lenses and contact lenses, because contact lenses and rimmed lenses actually have a certain degree of difference, so when we buy contact lenses, Be sure to pay attention to the basic conversion. Today, I will introduce how friends of different degrees should choose the right contact lens degrees. Below 400 degrees If your own glasses power is not very large, then friends below 400 degrees do not need to convert, you can choose the same contact lens power and your own frame lens. Especially friends with 100-200 degrees, there is actually no need to reduce the degree of contact lenses. Of course, if it is 400 degrees of myopia, you can also consider your actual situation and see if you want to reduce the degree. Below 500 degrees If it is 400-500 degrees of myopia, then when you choose contact lenses, it is 25 degrees less than your framed lens. For example, a friend with 500 degrees can choose 475 degrees for contact lenses, and a friend with 450 degrees can choose 425 degrees for contact lenses. It is recommended that everyone should choose according to their actual situation, so that the selected contact lenses must be more comfortable to wear, and they are still very clear. Below 600 degrees, because 600 degrees is actually a high degree of myopia, if you want to wear contact lenses at this time, you can actually choose a lens that is about 50 degrees smaller than the current frame lens, so that the effect of wearing is better, and it will not let Your eyes have a particularly heavy burden. Friends with 600 degrees can choose 550 degrees contact lenses. Below 800 degrees, the power is very high, and it has reached 800 degrees, so your contact lens power is 75 degrees smaller than the frame lens. Because many people may have high myopia and wear contact lenses everyday, it is also good to choose a high-quality and comfortable contact lens. It is recommended that such a high degree of myopia first determine whether you are suitable for wearing contact lenses as much as possible, and then go to the choice of contact lenses.
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