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How to choose a outdoor sports sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-10
Everyone enjoyed the sunny weather, good weather it is easier to inspire the joyful mood, but with the warmth of the sun, ultraviolet, visible light and infrared is not familiar with the usual things but may cause considerable damage to our eyes, though ultraviolet sterilization and visible light, let us have the bright horizon infrared bring us warm, but all this light absorb too much will harm our body, the first is our eyes. Harmful we usually exposed to ultraviolet band distribution in UV10 - 380 nm the broad band, the press can be divided into three parts, including 315 - UVA wavelengths 380nm ; UVB rays wavelength 280 - 315 nm, these are the damage to our eyes, big band under 280 nm UVC, most of these will be absorbed by the ozone layer, but does not rule out industrial sources of UVC. Band - in 380 780 nm visible light was not completely good friends, the high altitude and heat vertigo is a contribution; After the 780 - 1800 nm infrared of corneal loss is the killer, it will be crystal caused great damage to our eyes. How now, know your eyes in a dangerous situation. Sunglasses color and UV index, unfortunately, in the daily life a lot of people think that wearing a pair of coloured glasses blocking sunlight can protect your eyes, it's not. Lens color depth, only impact on the performance of visible light absorption, has nothing to do with the ability to resist ultraviolet (uv) size. Uv resistance depends on the lens material, the ideal sunglasses material must be able to filter more than 96% of the ultraviolet light. UV ultraviolet index is the filter effect, it is important to a standard, at present, most of the outdoor sunglasses UV index between 96% and 98%, dark lenses must be better than the light color lenses. Typically 100% of the UV index is unlikely, if have manufacturers claim to own the sun glasses have very good filtering ultraviolet effect, that is impossible. Unqualified when you wear a pair of sunglasses, your pupil diameter than even Dai Jingshi much larger, uv damage to the eyes and much more. People's eyes if exposure to ultraviolet radiation, light person can conjunctival congestion and inflammation; The person that weigh can cause the crystal opacity, cataract, accessible and fundus retinal will be hurt. Color choice is necessary, of course, in addition to leisure and entertainment, if is really for uv protection, good or buy ray-ban grey, ray-ban green, blue, gray these real shade color of the lens, because these relatively subdued color, looking at nature does not change color, is especially suitable for for motorists, because will not affect their distinguish of traffic lights and traffic signal. Sunglasses before the production and use belong to the foreigner, now we buy most of the outdoor sunglasses is domestic production of outdoor brands, foreign brands OEM also in domestic, so the day to see a few outdoor brand sunglasses are guaranteed in terms of quality, the only drawback is that, our brand by processing factories, for more detailed outdoor sunglasses to wear standard is not very clear, product lenses, and the use of the guide is not clear on the manual, most models use the same specification, same for later use can cause considerable error. Such as cycling glasses and ski glasses is not universal, a good lens can not be used in mountain climbing to the porn. Outdoor glasses industry standards both have, of course, also need everybody have to understand, since most of the industry standard is the foreigner to formulate, terminology and basic look not to understand, to understand these is we should have the quality, the following is a lens, tags, or that may appear on the industry standard: the cat. CE 4 - - - - SPECTRA M5 99% ultraviolet and infrared blocking, 92% 97% of visible light, can be used for mountain climbing, skiing, sea movement; Cannot be used for cycling, driving cars. 猫。 CE 3- - - - - 光谱10 - - - 光谱10 MC - - - - SPECTRA 10 PLZ( Polarized lens) 99% uv blocking, 82% 91% of visible light, for light conditions outdoor activities need for protection of eyes. SPECTRA after 10 PLZ polarized lens to join, especially suitable for water activities such as sailing, fishing and snow sports and driving bike riding, etc. The cat. CE 2- - - 光谱20 - - - The SPECTRA of 20 MC 99% uv blocking, 57% 81% of visible light, suitable for general illumination conditions outdoor activities need to protect the eyes. SPECTR 10 PLZ joined the polarized lenses, glasses will make you more comfortable in the process of using, especially suitable for the water activities, such as fishing, surfing, sailing and other activities, is also suitable for skiing in the snow sports. Understand the standard of the above you can go to find suitable for your sunglasses in outdoor shop, the above standard is hard, other standard is soft, comfortable feeling comes from our own, subjective consciousness in the product itself can not change, so we suggest that we must experience, when buying sunglasses see alternative, do not use the means of 'love at first sight' for sunglasses. Frame of the beautiful is important, but the lens visual comfort and frame wearing comfort is more important. 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