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How to choose a pair of sunglasses match with your senses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-04
Sunglasses and color match fair people choose range is very wide, dark and light color sunglasses are basically take gives very good effect. The people with darker skin color had better choose dark sunglasses, such as black, grey, and this will make skin appear brighter. Sunglasses with nose match sunglasses factory ms YC9703 sunglasses C3 black/dazzle colour blue nose: choose larger frame to balance, the small picture frame can make the nose is more outstanding. Long nose: a wide side of the picture frame can make the scattered attention forward or upward, the nose is not very prominent. Another bridge of the nose part frames also can make the nose of the double layer design is shorter. Nose: smaller than other parts of the face a smaller nose, pale and bazoo holds high frame can make the nose look more slender. Dating ray-ban sunglasses with eyes RB3449 men sunglasses silver / 004/55 lens dazzle colour blue eyes different location in the lens will give people a different impression. Generally speaking, the eye position is too partial, slouch; Lower feel funny. Will frame transverse split in two, eyes in the position of the center line slightly to the best. Change the position of the eyes nose pad on the frame and the adjustment of the glasses legs. At the same time, the glasses of the smaller people had better choose the color dark lenses, and wide eyes had smaller the restrictions. Sunglasses and eyebrows to match sunglasses factory YC9711 men sunglasses C1 black/dazzle colour red eyebrows for the influence of face image, eyebrows and sunglasses frame on at qi, slightly higher than the frame is most ideal. If the curved eyebrows, brow nature cannot and sunglasses frame alignment, but his brow must with framework. Never choose framework is also on the sunglasses, otherwise inevitably produce 'skip' on 'skip' funny feeling, must choose the frame flat sunglasses at this time. Eyebrows and glasses frame level gap between cannot too big, otherwise feel very natural. Thick eyebrows, should choose fine frame or frameless sunglasses, or it will weaken the impression of eyebrows. On the other hand, the coarse frame sunglasses is suitable for light and thin eyebrows.
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