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How to choose a suitable sunglasses? Color, shape, design three big attraction!

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
Have sunglasses so sunken modelling artifacts both in summer and winter is very be necessary, but we can't careless when picking, wearing not suitable for their own sunglasses, it will become a white elephant. Then the next small make up from different aspects of a bit of choosing sunglasses tips for you. Ms sunglasses factory YC9709 sunglasses C4 hawksbill/lens grey color: different color different function 1 sunglasses. Gray lenses, can absorb any equilibrium chromatographic, while watch the scenery will become dark, but do not have clear off color, can show the true feeling. Suitable for outdoor enjoy sightseeing, photography. 2. Blue grey lens, color slightly deep, visible light absorption rate is higher. If the sun places particularly strong light, can consider wearing blue gray. 3. Mercury lens, mirror coating surface with high density, can absorb more reflect visible light, suitable for outdoor sports people for a long time. 4. Dark brown lens filter out a lot of blue light, to a certain extent, can improve visual clarity and contrast. If the environment air pollution serious, or foggy, wearing sunglasses visual effect is better. It's light brown. 5. Green lenses can absorb part of the light, big limit increase the green light to eyes, so there is the feeling of cool and comfortable, is suitable for the travelers can use eye fatigue. 6. Yellow lenses almost not visible light, but in the foggy and at dusk, it can improve the contrast, provide more accurate video, again so travelers called night vision goggles. Some young people wear yellow lenses 'sunglasses' used as decoration. 7. Other lens colors such as light blue, light pink, its decorate a gender to more practical. Sunglasses factory YC9705 C7 white/dazzle colour purple face: general sunglasses sunglasses take star heart-shaped face to face seconds heart-shaped face, wide forehead, the chin is pointed. The face on wide below narrow design to avoid as far as possible, like joker travelers Wayfarer, cat's eye Cateye and movement of paragraph Sport can be. Round face round-faced people face line is not obvious, should choose some partial Square, angular sunglasses, must avoid the round box, it will make your face look more rounded, like the travelers Wayfarer, paragraphs cat's eye Cateye and Square Square are suitable. Oval faces in the face of people don't have to worry about, all sorts of models are suitable for you, as long as you choose a their loved ones, like the popular travelers paragraphs Wayfarer and pilot Aviator is pretty good and oversized style Oversize can also oh. People choose relatively small square face square face, because the face chiseled, so you can choose some soft fruity style to your facial lines, like Round Round, oval frames and even box shields are pretty good. Ray-ban sunglasses RB4225 men 646/55 transparent style: this year what are good sunglasses styles 1, cat's eye sunglasses restoring ancient ways; Have you ever thought of restoring ancient ways is this? Lest they should HOLD not to live? Then gently restores ancient ways the cough up! From the visual effect to material is very light, it is that you'll never forget the kind of retro sunglasses. Having a unique style of modelling of the cat's eye, low-key cutout details, especially foil round or oval face. 2, mirror slice of sunglasses; This year, all sorts of color reflective sunglasses, let countless people, cool and pioneer feeling, as if facial makeup look another layer of colour makeup regale. 3 sunglasses, round box; Don't take some ancient elements are embarrassed to say his hip. Round frame sunglasses can give you bring a little eccentricity and the modelling of the feeling of restoring ancient ways, the most suitable for a gentleman with strong jaw, because the circular lenses have soften facial hale line effect.
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