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How to choose and buy sunglasses: the collocation of sunglasses and face

by:Eugenia     2020-08-17
Domestic sunglasses, although the brand is numerous, but few consumers can call on the name brand. In contrast, many consumers while not choose imported brand sunglasses, but a thing of some famous brand, and to many domestic brands, know not many people. Nowadays sunglasses more bai gives the fashionable breath, the pursuit of fashionable crowd often choose to own face more collocation glass frame, in protect the eyes and also have very good adornment effect. So what are we how to choose sunglasses according to face? The collocation of sunglasses and facial sunglasses as a fashion, considers even when the choose and buy glasses with the harmonious collocation of face, clothes and temperament. Especially the facial features of the choice of sunglasses with a certain limit. Eyebrows for the influence of face image, eyebrows and sunglasses frame on at qi, slightly higher than the framework for the ideal. Curved eyebrows, eyebrows on natural framework for gathering with sunglasses, but his brow must with framework. Unfavorable choose framework is also become warped on sunglasses, avoid to produce 'up' and 'skip' funny feeling, must choose the frame flat sunglasses at this time. Eyes in different locations in the mirror will give a different impression. Generally speaking, the eye position deviation, appear to play, no essence is playing lower feel funny. Lateral split in two, such as glasses eyes in the position of the 'line' slightly is preferred. The adjustment of the eye position through glasses nose pad and glasses legs. Nose is face vertical lines, emphasis on the line, can enhance the depth of the face. Nose short people should choose the lens frame joint at the top of the sunglasses. Conversely should choose connector in the bottom of the sunglasses, can effectively 'to shorten the length of the nose. Eyeglass frame joint high sunglasses also suitable for large nose, if the frame is not touching the nose, sunglasses and the framework itself is fine, the effect is much better. A long thin face should longitudinal wide round glasses, up and down to make up for the long 'defect'. Slender face unavoidably owe 'soft', can choose pink or red wine warm tonal downy feeling of lens to increase the face. Glasses legs below the design in the lens of glasses, the length of the face side and therefore to be able to 'fix'. With the aid of sunglasses, to some extent can 'improve' face. Chubby round face framework suitable for thick glasses, if choose frame line fine soft sunglasses, 'adding' to foil face more big. Lens should also choose brunet, has a 'tightening' face visual effect. In addition, on the collocation of clothing apparel and glasses can choose style, coordinated with similar or different style of mix build, to show everyone's fashion temperament, combine sunglasses and the body more perfectly.
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