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How to choose and buy sunglasses: undertake choosing according to the quality and function of the sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-17
Domestic sunglasses, although the brand is numerous, but few consumers can call on the name brand. In contrast, many consumers while not choose imported brand sunglasses, but a thing of some famous brand, and to many domestic brands, know not many people. When a lot of consumer is buying sunglasses, there is no too care about the brand, just think wearing suits oneself bought it, cost also is generally not high. That we how to choose the sunglasses? Is mainly introduced in this paper according to the quality and function to choose sunglasses consumer choose and buy sunglasses, the purpose of the first to determine your choose and buy is for sunshade, or in order to match clothing, decoration; In addition to the sun, whether there is any ultraviolet prevention function requirements; Any special requirements on the safety of the lenses performance; Only clear the purpose, combining the practical effects of the design and put on my face to buy a pair of appropriate sunglasses. Currently sold on the market of sunglasses there are two main categories: one is 'shade', people usually take in the sun by adjusting the pupil size to adjust the luminous flux, when more than the human eye light intensity adjustment ability, will cause harm to the human eye. Shade of keep out sunshine can use the mirror, relief from eye fatigue caused by excessive regulation or the damage caused by the strong light stimulus; Another kind is the light color sunglasses, also is the more popular varieties in recent years, the main adornment effect, also can be used when the sunlight is not strong. Light-colored sunglasses because of its bright, colorful, fashionable and diverse, favored by the young gens, it is a favourite with fashionable woman. For this kind of variety, if there is no understanding of science, can bring adverse effect to the user. Like, wear some color glasses for a long time can cause eye fatigue, if the wearer mistake such glasses also when the shade in the mirror, not only have the effect that is less than shade, could also damage people's eyes. Lens color shades of choice, should depending on the required activity places interpretation, according to different light sources and occasions, the color of the lens will affect the shading effect. To make sunglasses can effectively shade in summer is strong, yan should have sufficient depth of glasses, but by bike or drivers, don't choose the lens color is too deep. Yellow, orange and light red sun can cause eye fatigue, but the yellow lenses to distinguish between red and green performance is good, suitable for distinguish traffic signals and signs. Later, when the choice also notice the lens surface to be smooth, without a ripple, no defects, no bubble, no grinding crack, the lenses flat, look from the horizontal lens without warp. Can send the sunglasses to 45 cm from the eye, through the glasses look around vertical line and horizontal line, then glasses from top to bottom and move around. Such as linear distortion or swing found, suggesting the lens distortion, should not be buying, uneven or signs of the lens, bubble, unfavorable also choose and buy.
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