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How to choose and buy sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
Sunglasses how to choose to find the most suitable? In addition to choose favorite style, more need to consider the color of the lens, because the chosen color can have the effect of protection for your eyes. Through the lenses of filtering, eyes see color contrast is different. If you choose the color of the lens, is not can not, but at the time of driving must distinguish traffic lights! Below small make up just talk about the different color for the function of the lens. Ray-ban RB3025 unisex sunglass gold box blackish green (001/58 Polarized light) Gray: effectively reduce the intensity of light does not affect the color contrast. Brown: can enhance some color contrast and block blue light, the more bright day wear brown sunglasses, such as the snow fell. Yellow: this is a kind of more yellow than brown color, can largely enhance the color contrast, almost block all of the blue light, but if you want to, respectively, traffic lights drive people still don't choose the good. Red, orange, more suitable for winter it's cloudy. Purple: suitable for hunting in the green grass. Copper color: can mediate the color of the sky and the grass at the same time, suitable for playing golf. Blue, green, yellow contrast can be enhanced, suitable for playing tennis. In addition, besides the color what need to be aware of? Transmittance classification 1, 43% ~ 80%. 2, 18% ~ 43%. 3, 8% ~ 18%. 4, 3% ~ 8%. As requested, driving goggles transmittance is greater than 8%, so the class 4 sunglasses can't drive. For uv protection, the former three kinds of uva allowed by 5%, the fourth class uva allowed through 0. 5%. Uvb rays are allowed by 1%. Sunglasses factory YC3028 unisex sunglass C4 flower tortoise shell gold/lens grey sunglasses category 1, light color sunglasses, pervious to light more than 40%. 2, sun glasses, pervious to light 8% ~ 40%. 3, special-purpose sunglasses ( Skiing, mountain climbing, beach, etc. ) , 3% ~ 8%. With light color sunglasses and a sunshade lens, have traffic lights to identify demand, three color shall be higher than 8%. Uv mark 1, mark 'UV400' : this says the lens to block below the wavelength of 400 nm uv and visible light; As long as through the lens of the ultraviolet light is lower than 2%, even if qualified. 2, mark 'UV' and 'anti ultraviolet' : this says the lens to block below 380 nm UV; As long as through the lens of the ultraviolet light is lower than 2%, even if qualified. 3, mark '100% UV absorption' : this means that the function of the lens is 100% for UV absorption; But through the lens of the ultraviolet light is lower than 0. 5%, even if qualified.
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