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How to choose appropriate own sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-04
Summer has quietly passed, we for eye care or cannot little, however, in addition to the daily maintenance of eyes, out to also want to good care of our eyes. After all eyes are very fragile, if the sun too hard, in fact it is very easy to cause harm to our eyes. Recommended reading: sunglasses selection strategy: your face is suitable for what kind of sunglasses? The first step to remember is to wear sunglasses in addition to the sunscreen, protect your eyes. More to make sunglasses modified face, balance beauty. So if you are a round square sunglasses can try slant as far as possible, but square face with radian, round sunglasses have more sense if face to face short, just choose a larger frame sunglasses. And vice versa, round the circle line of sunglasses will strengthen face, and more pointed chin. Know the above principles, in accordance with this direction to try more easily find their suitable for the second step, you need to know to choose their own 1 the purpose of this pair of sunglasses. Show smaller: the cat's eye sunglasses marked characteristics is the upper frame door line up, visually highlight the upper face, naturally, the second half of the face is small, and the lines of the opposite is the aviator sunglasses, the opposite is the pilot, the shape of the lens is sagging, so fill the face on the vision, brief paragraph face should be avoided whenever possible. 2. Color display style if you want a different style, color lenses usually appear more energetic, more eye-catching. Black or brown, though somewhat conservative, but the joker, more applicable scenario. 3. Appear more stereo nose nose is too large, choose a picture frame of especially big picture frame bridge of the nose there to wide, if it is too narrow, the nose clip uncomfortable, can appear bigger nose. The nose is too long, choose sunglasses must have wide edge, to spread the visual effect. You can also select the bridge of the nose part is the double design frame sunglasses. Also can make the nose look shorter. Nose is too small, can choose the lens color is light, bazoo holds high the sunglasses. Will look slender in visual effect on the nose. 4. A modified face as Asian face relatively flat, try to choose her nose. Such as common independent bazoo holds the pilot sunglasses, and can better fit the bridge of the nose, nose better avoid sunglasses on the face of oppression. 吗? 吗?
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