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How to choose children's eye drops? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-25
Children's eye drops are mainly used for children, which are relatively mild and less irritating. Generally, if there are no special circumstances, it is better not to give children eye drops. For different situations, the choice of eye drops for children is different, and many eye drops are not suitable for children. Let's take a look at how to choose eye drops for children. Choose eye drops based on the problem to be solved. If it is to relieve eye fatigue, you need to choose a nutritional health care. The most popular ones in the market are Xinrodun eye drops, Runjie eye drops, Runqing Shiming, etc. These brand eye drops include eye drops for children. If the eyes are in a condition, you need to choose according to the actual situation. For example, if the eyes are red and swollen because of getting angry, you can use pearl eye drops. If it is conjunctivitis or other bacterial infection, the choice of eye drops needs to be selected according to the condition and targeted treatment. Some eye drops are not suitable for children. Such as chloramphenicol eye drops, quinolone eye drops and so on. Chloramphenicol eye drops have a great impact on children because of the side effects, so they are not suitable for children. If they need to be used in special circumstances, they still need to be used under the supervision of experts. Quinolones will affect the development of children's bones to some extent. Although they are generally used rarely, it is better not to use them just in case. Some eye drops or eye ointments that are forbidden for children should also be paid attention to, such as lomefloxacin eye gel. Some children with certain diseases are not suitable for using eye drops, such as children with a history of G-6PD deficiency, many eye drops cannot be used, but compound neomycin sulfate eye drops can be used. In general, the use of eye drops for children mainly depends on what disease is caused. At present, there are more Torbath eye drops, and some eye drops for children also need to see the actual use and precautions.
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