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How to choose contact lenses for small eyes_contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-30
Friends with smaller eyes are actually better to wear cosmetic contact lenses, which can also make our eyes look bigger. Many people buy contact lenses through it. As long as they can choose the right contact lenses, they can really make our eyes look bright and bright, and the eyes will also have a magnifying effect. But after all, our eyes are relatively small, how should we choose the right contact lenses for us? Pay attention to the situation of eye splits There are many people with small eyes, because the eyes are not big enough, that is, your eye splits are not very long, so it may look like some Mimi eyes. At this time, if you want to choose a more suitable contact lens, you should pay special attention to the overall diameter of your eyes. Especially the diameter at the center position, if the diameter at the center position itself is not very large, then it is more appropriate to choose the diameter of 13.8~14.0 mm, which will make your eyes look energetic, but not particularly rigid. Pay attention to the situation of the pupil. The overall diameter of the pupil will also affect your choice of color contact lenses. All the color lenses in the book will have corresponding diameters. If we want to enlarge the eyes better, we can choose 14.2 mm or more. Diameter contact lenses. The effect of wearing this way is better, and the effect of enlarging the eyes also makes us more satisfied. But in order to avoid being particularly rigid, it is recommended to choose some soft colors, such as brown and dark gray, instead of directly choosing black, otherwise it will be very rigid. Choose the right color Now colored contact lenses are actually more popular, especially the popular blue and pink in recent years do look very different and soft. However, it is recommended that if you want to have the effect of enlarging your eyes, dark colors are more suitable. Dark blue, gray, dark brown, and caramel are all good choices, and this can also make your eyes look very bright.
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