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How to choose fashionable sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-12
In the hot summer, the sun is shining, wearing sunglasses can not only protect the eyes from strong light stimulation, but also have an immediate beauty effect. At the end of the last century, trendy accessories such as sunglasses gradually became popular in my country. At that time, the types of sunglasses were still very simple. The more common ones were the traditional big black sunglasses and the 'toad mirrors' that highlighted youthful feelings. With the development of economy and the progress of social fashion culture, there are many kinds of fashionable sunglasses on the market today. Below, the editor will share with you, how to identify the level of fashion sunglasses. The high and low mirror quality of fashionable sunglasses is the quality basis of a pair of glasses, especially in the field of sunglasses. For a good fashion sunglasses, the mirror surface must be smooth and free of wear marks, and the curvature of the mirror surface must meet the optical standards, otherwise it will have a negative impact on the wearer's vision, and even cause short-term dizziness. In addition, the thinner the lens of the sunglasses, the better, because the lens that is too thin will inevitably deform when it encounters high temperature, which will lead to serious quality problems. As for the lens color, although it is mainly determined by the buyer's interest, it is better to choose a lens with a darker color. After all, the main function of sunglasses is to weaken the strong light. In addition, lenses of different colors have different blocking effects on ultraviolet rays. Optical research believes that dark gray is the best choice, followed by brown and black, blue and purple should not be selected as much as possible, while yellow, orange and red lenses have almost no effect on ultraviolet rays. Nothing works. In terms of brand selection, an internationally renowned big brand is always trustworthy. Although brand-name glasses are expensive, their materials and workmanship are often very sophisticated, and all functions and details are relatively complete, which is worth every penny. At present, the better-quality brand-name sunglasses on the market often cost several thousand yuan, while the average price of small brands from some small manufacturers is only about 100 yuan, and there are even more than ten or dozens of stalls. The editor here reminds everyone that, whether for the health of our eyes or for a beautiful wearing effect, we must choose carefully when purchasing sunglasses, and remember not to let precious eyes suffer from defective products.
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