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How to choose glasses according to face shape_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-05
When many people buy glasses, they are often affected by the effect of the model when they wear them. In fact, whether men or women, as long as you understand clearly what kind of glasses frame your face is suitable for, then choosing glasses will be a very fun thing. The method of choosing glasses according to the face shape is well known, and the imperfections of the face can be modified by the skills of makeup. In fact, wearing glasses is the same. Finding glasses that suit your face shape and appearance can not only modify the imperfections of your face, but also show your unique style and personality. Just like 'there is no better, only the more suitableWhen choosing a spectacle frame, the first thing to keep in mind is-never choose a frame that has the same shape as your face. The round face shape is suitable for the short vertical and straight-shaped frame styles. It is better not to choose a frame with a larger curvature, which will make the face look rounder. Try thin-frame glasses with a straight line shape, which will give a relaxed impression. People with longer faces are suitable for spectacle frames with a wider vertical and larger lens area. This style of frame can give others an illusion, as if the face has become shorter. The face is a bit square, or the type with edges and corners, suitable for round or oval glasses frames. Especially for spectacle frames with a relatively large curvature in the corners, this style can give people a soft impression. The face shape of the inverted triangle is suitable for a flat oval frame with a wider vertical frame. Of course, the ideal face shape is what we usually call the 'goose egg faceThe only thing to note is that the upper edge of the frame must match the height of the eyebrows.
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