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How to choose high myopia glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-24
For people with high myopia, when wearing glasses, if the lenses are too thick, it will seriously affect the aesthetics and reduce the comfort. For some individual consumers, when choosing lenses, try to choose lenses with relatively novel styles and rich colors, so that they can satisfy the effect of myopia and at the same time become beautiful. Especially for female friends, it is the nature of women to love beauty, so every woman wants to be beautiful, so she is very picky when choosing glasses. So how to choose spectacle lenses for high myopia, presumably this is a problem that many people with myopia are more concerned about. First, when choosing a frame, it is better to choose a smaller frame because a large frame will increase the thickness around the lens, and at the same time increase the weight of the lens. The small frame can be a good way to avoid this kind of thing, and the high degree of myopia will not be so obvious. Second, you should choose a material with a high refractive index to make a lens. The refractive index of such a lens is relatively strong, so it should be made thinner when making it. Even so, high refractive index lenses have strong reflections on the surface, so choose lenses with anti-reflection coatings. Third, when choosing, it is better to choose aspherical lenses because the central thickness of such lenses is thinner, the weight is lighter, and the optical deformation is less. Fourth, when choosing the lens material, it is better to choose the lens made of resin material, which is of high quality and strong reflectivity, improving the comfort of the eyes. Therefore, as a myopic eye, when choosing lenses, you must choose according to the above four points.
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