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How to choose male contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-23
With the rapid development of US contact lenses, US lenses are no longer purely decorative items for girls, and many boys have begun to wear US lenses, especially male stars and trendy men. Wearing US lenses has become commonplace. Although beauty contact lenses are not divided into men and women, when boys choose beauty contact lenses, it is better to set off their own image and style, so that they can create their own unique shape. So how to choose the color contact lenses for boys, let's take a look at it together. Whether it is a boy or a girl, when choosing a cosmetic contact lens product, you must choose a cosmetic contact lens product with reliable quality, that is, buy it from a regular eyewear store. Generally, those who have a belong to regular glasses merchants, such as , etc. Because the inferior contact lens products not only damage the health of the cornea, but also have a certain impact on the vision. In terms of color selection, it is better to choose darker and more natural colors, such as black and gray, which are more realistic to wear and are not easy to be found. At the same time, because boys don’t want to be as exaggerated as girls, the choice of color contrast only needs to take into account the skin color. For example, boys with darker skin can choose gray contact lenses, so that it will not be too prominent. In the choice of the color contact pattern, it must be simple, low-key, and the pattern is not exaggerated, otherwise it will give people a weird feeling when wearing it. And when boys choose color contact lenses, the diameter of the color contact lenses should not be too large or too small, such as between 14.0-14.5mm. It will look more realistic and natural to wear, and it will not be too expensive. In addition to black and gray contact lenses, which are suitable for boys, if you have fair skin, you can choose blue contact lenses, which can make your eyes look like a blue ocean without being too exaggerated. All in all, when boys choose color contact lenses, the diameter should not exceed 15mm, the color should not be too bright and bright, and the pattern should not be too exaggerated, it is better to be simple, otherwise it will give people a weird and feminine feeling, which will affect their overall image. .
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