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How to choose myopia frames?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-17
In real life, glasses for myopia are everywhere, but how do we choose the frame when we wear glasses? This is also the most important direct problem in glasses. Now let a professional optician come to discuss with you how to choose Myopia frames. In fact, in the eyes of many people, the difference between good and bad glasses for myopia is nothing more than the material of the lenses, and the others are not directly damaged. In fact, it is not the case. A pair of good myopia glasses is not only the material of the lens, but also the material of the myopia frame; the myopia frame of good material should be stable, reliable, light, and compatible with the lens. The material is consistent, and there is no damage to human skin. For some customers: when choosing, they usually only choose from the perspective of the spectacle frame, which is also unreliable. In fact, when we go to the optical shop to equip myopia, we can consider the following aspects and compare them, so as to select the high-quality myopia frames that suit us. 1. We should pay attention to the difference in color depth when choosing myopia frames. Sometimes the optician makes mistakes in the processing, and the color of the frame may not be the same on the left and right sides; so we are When choosing a myopia frame, pay attention to the ratio of shades of color; 2. With the rapid development of society, the glasses that consumers need are not only suitable, but also fashionable and individual; therefore, you must pay attention to the choice of eyeglass frames. The fashion of the style, because the color of the glasses matched by the formal manufacturer must be combined with the popular elements in the society, so the correct choice of style is also one of the aspects of the correct choice of myopia frame; 3. In When choosing a myopia frame, you should also pay attention to the details of the workmanship, which is the so-called process design. A good quality myopia frame can only be guaranteed if the workmanship is guaranteed. However, the excellent workmanship of a pair of glasses is often reflected in some details, such as: 1. Pay attention to whether the welding points on the metal glasses frame are cracked or not; 2. Pay attention to whether the two temples under the myopia frame are there. A balance effect is achieved, whether there is a feeling of asymmetry on both sides; 3. Pay attention to whether the two sides of the glasses frame are also symmetrical, and whether the degree of fixation is safe enough; 4. Pay attention to whether there are scratches on the surface of the myopia frame. Poke with your finger nails, will you feel that some small things fall off; 5. Finally, wear glasses and feel it, will there be any discomfort; and how is the tightness of the opening and closing of the temples? It will not be tight or loose, and the tightness must be saturated. Four. It is to pay attention to the quality of the materials, to be able to distinguish between true and false, and to pay attention to whether the specifications on the materials are up to the standard. How to choose a myopia frame? The above are the key points of myopia frame that I share with you. Because modern people choose glasses not only to correct their eyesight and protect their eyes, but also to modify themselves. Because of this, we choose the degree of combination of glasses frames, frames, and lenses at the same time. People will consider the aesthetic factors to choose, so when choosing eyeglass frames, you must pay attention to the quality of the frame and the aesthetic factors at the same time.
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