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How to choose outdoor sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-15
In the scorching summer, let the sun shine throughout the day, and the summer sun is very dazzling, for outdoor athletes. When exercising, you should wear sunglasses to reduce ultraviolet radiation and prevent dust from entering your eyes during exercise. When choosing, you cannot follow the trend or choose blindly, but should choose sunglasses that are resistant to UVA and UVB. First, you should choose sunglasses that can effectively isolate ultraviolet rays. Sunlight contains a lot of light. If the ultraviolet rays are too strong, it will cause discomfort to the eyes, and severe sunburn may occur. Therefore, when choosing, you should choose sunglasses that can effectively isolate ultraviolet rays. This type of sunglasses can effectively reduce the degree of visible light entering the eyes without affecting the clarity. At the same time, there are many models of sunglasses, mainly in gray, yellow, black, brown and other styles. Consumers have relatively more choices when buying. Second, you need to choose outdoor sunglasses according to the appropriate frame style of your face. Everyone's needs will be different, and at the same time, everyone's face will be different. So when making a choice, you should Choose according to the principle of complementarity. Consumers with round faces can choose square sunglasses, while consumers with square faces can choose oval sunglasses. This choice can not only successfully block the sunlight, but also play a decorative effect. Third, you need to choose a comfortable and non-deformable spectacle frame. Of course, when choosing a spectacle frame, you should choose a soft and elastic spectacle frame that is resistant to impact, while being more comfortable to wear, and will not cause eye deformation. For some outdoor athletes with myopia, when wearing sunglasses, they should choose sunglasses with a degree so that they can see things clearly.
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