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How to choose ski goggles more safely? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-17
The weather in the north has gradually become colder, and winter skiing has become a more exciting thing than that, but in the process of skiing, special attention must be paid to eye protection. Wearing ski goggles can greatly reduce the tingling sensation of the sun on the snow. So, how to choose ski goggles to be safer? A good pair of ski goggles needs to have the following functions: First of all, in Shanghai, which can prevent cold wind from hitting the eyes, after wearing ski goggles, the temperature can be as low as minus 30 degrees. The lens frame will not be broken, and the appearance of high-quality lenses will be coated with a layer of anti-ultraviolet rays, which can filter out the external light that is harmful to the eyes in time, and at the same time can maintain the brightness of the eyes and the openness of the field of vision. Secondly, high-quality ski goggles have the function of anti-fog, which ensures that when skiing, the mirror surface will not fog up due to changes in temperature difference, causing problems such as dangerous levels. The lens material used in the frame is very soft. When the glasses are subjected to external force, only a little deformation will occur. After successfully resisting the external force, they can quickly return to their original shape without causing harm to the eyes. How to choose ski goggles more safely? When choosing ski goggles, you must first check the specific functions and functions, and then check whether the glasses are close to the eye area and can be worn for a longer time. , If you find that the eyes are not comfortable at this time, then it has been said that this ski goggles are not very suitable for you, and you should change to other styles. Only when you wear them comfortably, you will not be affected by the eyes when you are skiing. distress and increase the risk factor.
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