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How to choose sports sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-14
If you see many brands of sunglasses on the market, as well as various colors, you don't know how to choose sunglasses. In fact, the functions of each brand of sunglasses are also classified. If you choose sports sunglasses for functionality, you can protect your eyes and enjoy sports. Let's take a look at how to choose sports sunglasses. The color of sports sunglasses and the choice of UV index The depth of the color has nothing to do with the effect on ultraviolet rays. Darker colored lenses can affect the absorption of visible light. The material of the lens is related to ultraviolet rays. Ideal sunglasses materials filter ultraviolet rays must be above 96%. For general outdoor activities, you can choose 99% UV blocking and 57%-81% visible light blocking, which is very suitable. If you are only anti-ultraviolet, you can choose ordinary sunglasses. Generally speaking, the color choices are mainly gray, green, blue and gray. They are softer and will not change color when you look at things. We recommend brand OULE sunglasses and Ray-Ban sunglasses. Golf sunglasses are on the golf course. In addition to good color clarity, sports sunglasses should also have the largest field of view. The glasses worn will not interfere with the action of playing golf. If you generally choose this kind of golf sunglasses, you must meet these conditions. You can choose professional golf sunglasses. At present, Nike glasses are more respected. Sports sunglasses such as tennis sunglasses need to be comfortable to wear, but also need to pay special attention to clarity, and sports glasses cannot slide, and they need to have anti-fog features. Currently, Bolle glasses are more respected. Driving sunglasses are mainly suitable for driving and outdoor activities under strong light conditions. The radiation on the road and the strong light of the lights, as well as glare, stray light and other light will cause damage to the eyes, and some glare will also affect sports, so generally choose sunglasses with polarized lenses. Polarized lenses eliminate stray light and have a clear vision, suitable for driving, water sports, fishing and other leisure activities. Recommend OULE polarized sunglasses, or a professional driving mirror of this kind. Winter sports sunglasses Winter sports sunglasses must not only avoid the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes, but also need to be resistant to breakage and fog in intense sports, and have excellent eye protection capabilities. For ski enthusiasts, Smith sunglasses are very suitable for this kind of sport.
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