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How to choose suits own myopia sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-26
For many myopic friends, want to find a suitable for their own myopia sunglasses may sometimes struggle with, the problem such as color, design, whether joint face. Small make up today gives several Suggestions about how to choose suits own myopia sunglasses. Is the basic function of sunglasses shading, protect your eyes. So, when choosing sunglasses need to pay attention to the various parameters. For example, to prevent ultraviolet damage to the eyes, which has the function of blocking uv lens is indispensable. Sunglasses currently sold on the market basically can to a certain extent, blocking ultraviolet rays. But want to ultraviolet penetration rate control in 0. If below 1%, select load with polarized lens sunglasses. Polarized lens than normal lens in reflected light blocking the road, water, snow, etc, has the absolute advantage, can keep clear vision in bright light environments. About glasses, sunglasses have many colors to choose from, such as purple, brown, gray, etc. But what should choose the color? The focus of the correct selection of sunglasses, which pair of glasses is not good, but in which glasses, match with your face. Now that want to choose a suitable sunglasses, then you don't put the observation and comparison with sunglasses in my hand, but should wear on your face, in the mirror carefully confirmation. In addition, many people may think it for granted, see interested in glasses will want to wear a try, it much simpler to see clothes. Sometimes, however, often wear glasses, his eyes are too subjective. Glasses like the necklace and earrings, they usually can't see it, the more is put to people. So, might as well make use of cell phone camera, like to try also to friends, help references are presented.
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