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How to choose sunglass material qualitative, color

by:Eugenia     2020-08-30
We all know that sunglasses are booming now, nearly a few vice, when you see the street people wear sunglasses so beautiful when you wish to lay more vice, but when you go to the store or shop, in the face of colorful sunglasses, at that time did not know how to lay their hands on, actually choose sunglasses to pay attention to what aspects? Sunglasses is vital to the choice of material and color, only the picture frame, lens material chosen, color choice is suitable for yourself, wear up will be more comfortable. So sunglasses material, color, how to choose? 1. The sun lens material decided sunglasses price difference, in addition to the brand factors, and the lens material. Lens material can affect the optical transparency, weight and durability, common materials include: polycarbonate material: the polycarbonate lenses itself can block 100% uv, impact resistance and transparency is very good, second only to the polyurethane. Cheap and light, but not the friction resistance, therefore also need sticker. Polyurethane material: impact resistance performance is superior and optical transparency. Good elasticity, light, but more expensive. Recommended reading: what sunglasses lens material is 2. The sun the common material picture frame picture frame material has the following categories: metal picture frame, including stainless steel, aluminum alloy and super expensive titanium alloy. Picture frame is very light, but is not suitable for high strength sports. On a hot summer, sunglasses in the car, metal frame will become very hot, can not wear right now. Nylon frame: inexpensive, portable, more durable than metal ones. A lot of goggles, a sports sunglasses with nylon materials. The radian of nylon frame generally cannot adjust, unless the picture frame with steel wire core. Acetate frames: expensive, light, color variety, low ductility and cannot be used in sports wear. 3. Sunglasses color sunglasses color specific choice visible 'summer choose sunglasses color has exquisite', in addition to the color, the sunglasses of light and shade degree also have difference. According to the visible light transmittance, the lens can be classified into 0 ~ 4 from shallow to deep level. Different shades, the corresponding weather and location is also different: level 0 is suitable for indoor, cloudy wear; 1 ~ 2 level corresponding to the low brightness of the sun, some of the decorative fashion sunglasses are; Most sunglasses belong to level 3, under suit on the beach, mountain climbing, and so on and so forth to the light; And level 4 is the snow mountain, desert environment to cope with extremely strong sunlight, this lens is very dark, so drive or ride can't wear. Above is sunglasses material and color choice, if you want to learn more information of sunglasses, please go to the glasses sunglasses factory network.
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