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How to choose sunglasses does not hurt eyes

by:Eugenia     2020-08-10
Sunglasses are now very popular. Has become people dress up an indispensable part of the fashion. So choose sunglasses, the choice of sunglasses is to have cultured, want to choose the sunglasses does not hurt the eyes & # 8230; …
how to choose sunglasses does not hurt eyes
when choosing sunglasses, in addition to the design requirements, in colors on the many people often have such idea: sunglasses the deeper the color, the better. However, the idea really science?
it was reported that one of the main function of sunglasses is to filter out ultraviolet light, as long as it is treated with UV sunglasses, UV index between % % can reach 96% to 98%, that is to say, even if the sunglasses of light color, after UV treatment like dark sunglasses can also achieve the effect of UV protection, therefore, sunglasses UV protection function and the color depth is not a lot to do. On the contrary, if a long time to wear dark sunglasses, eyes to see objects will be demanding, fatigue.
in addition, for a long time in the state of being in a dark room, the pupil will enlarge, if wear dark sunglasses, lens quality is not very good, again after mydriasis absorbs more ultraviolet ray, so the harm of eyes will be bigger, may cause the disease such as cataract eye injuries. Learning how to choose not to hurt the eye sunglasses. Hurt an eye to:
how to choose sunglasses don't pay attention to the following two points:
one, is on the choice of color, good selection filter blue light is completely yellow or of color and brightness is grey.
2, is the uv protection, because not all sunglasses can filter ultraviolet ray.
3, should choose dark brown, grey or green sunglasses advisable, and then to see if it has the function of uv protection.

sunglasses to note that the service life of sunglasses is commonly 3 ~ 5 years, consumers should change in time new sunglasses.
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