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How to choose sunglasses for driving? ? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-13
With the improvement of road quality, people can enjoy higher driving pleasure, so people drive faster and faster. When driving at high speed, you need to be careful not to get too close to the car in front, strictly control the speed, and if possible, you should be equipped with a pair of driving sunglasses that block ultraviolet rays and glare, which can not only improve the safety factor, but also add a lot of charm to the owner. So how to choose driving sunglasses? 1. Choose driving sunglasses that can reduce glare and often massage your eyes with your hands, which can maintain the vitality of the eyes and improve concentration. When the sun glares on the road or on the hood, it can cause eyestrain. Sunglasses are generally not recommended if the sun glare can be solved by using a visor above the seat. If the visor cannot solve the problem, you can choose the X-Power series of Essilor lenses, which can reduce the reflected light from the road surface, adjust the light to enter the eyes in the same direction, and improve the driver's reaction time. Braking capacity is increased by 7 meters at a speed of 80 km/h. In case of accidental impact during use, the lens is ultra-light and impact-resistant, which can reduce damage to the eyes. 2. Choose brown driving sunglasses Sunglasses are available in sapphire green, crystal violet, ocean blue, physiological tea and other colors. Some colors are mainly decorative and have obvious effects, but the actual effect of filtering ultraviolet rays is not good. Driving sunglasses should avoid using blue lenses, which can make people confused about traffic lights. Lenses that are too dark in color will cause chromatic aberration, which is more dangerous. It is best to choose brown lenses, which reduce the brightness of the object and minimize the color distortion of the object. 3. Choose convenient and comfortable driving sunglasses. Comfortable driving is the key. Just like a woman who wears high heels and slippers to get in the car, she will replace the spare flat shoes. If the driver has a certain degree of myopia, you can choose sunglasses clips, so you don't need to carry two pairs of glasses with you. Flip down the sunglasses clips when the light is strong; flip up the sunglasses clips when the light is dim. You can also choose tinted sunglasses with a degree, such as Zeiss's neon light optical tinting film, or a color-changing film.
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