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How to choose sunglasses for myopia? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-09
There are many people with nearsightedness, and they are more entangled every summer. If you want to see clearly, you must wear glasses, but if you want to protect from the sun, you must wear sunglasses. When many people want to have both, they will wear contact lenses directly, and then buy a suitable sunglasses, so that even if they enter the room, they will not be able to see clearly. In fact, there are a lot of sunglasses for myopia, just need to cooperate with the choice. 1. Directly choosing sunglasses with power can directly help us with sunglasses with power. If there is a corresponding need, you can directly determine your own power, interpupillary distance, etc., so that you can complete the follow-up glasses. And we can also choose the type of glasses, lens color, etc., so that we can see clearly in daily wear. Second, the sunglasses clips are easy to wear. Many spectacle frames now have a clip function, which usually looks like an ordinary myopic lens, but after matching with the sunglasses clip, it can instantly become sunglasses. However, these types of sunglasses require the use of special frames, and the lenses must be specially customized. It is necessary to go to a professional customization agency to complete the customization. However, generally these types of sunglasses are the same as our glasses themselves, so there are still some limitation. Third, the choice of color-changing lenses. The high-tech era really makes everything possible. Many lenses are now color-changing lenses. When the ultraviolet rays are strong, the lenses will change color and directly turn into sunglasses. This kind of glasses It can be used anytime, anywhere, and it is a type of dual-use glasses. It can change color by automatically sensing ultraviolet light, so it is very practical. If you need it, you can also go through the glasses, so it will be easier to buy sunglasses for myopia, and it can save us a lot of money. While the platform can be guaranteed to be authentic, it can also provide better services, so that we can buy glasses without worries.
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