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How to choose sunglasses for six different face shapes? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-21
The face shape is a very important part for a person. Common face shapes are rectangular, oval, and inverted triangle. Among 7, the awl shape is a versatile face shape among the round shape, the Chinese character shape, the rhombus shape, and the awl shape. No matter what type of sunglasses, it will look very textured. In addition to the awl-shaped face, in order for the six face shapes to match well with sunglasses, it is important to know your face shape well. The first impression of a rectangular face is always very individual and very attractive to the outside world. In terms of matching skills, it is better to leave appropriate bangs, used to cover the face that is too elongated, and it will look more natural. When paired with sunglasses, try to cover the face as much as possible, because it is better to choose square or round sunglasses. The oval face has also become a melon-seeded face. For the hairstyle, since there are no flaws, there is no need to cover up with bangs. The oval-shaped face is preferred by girls, and boys also like it very much. For example, Lee Min Ho and Fan Bingbing all have oval-shaped faces. No matter what style of sunglasses they wear, they look great and are a perfect face shape. The inverted triangle face has a wide forehead, a pointed chin, and a wide distance between the eyes, so it always gives people a nervous feeling, but it is also a more flavorful face. When paired with sunglasses, because the lower part of the face is narrow, it is suitable for wider sunglasses, such as toad glasses. Round face Everyone has a round face in everyone’s circle of friends. He is very cute and as likable as a child. Xu Zheng is a good example. And this kind of face shape is suitable for wearing sunglasses with a little square, so as to well modify the edges and corners of the face, remember not to wear sunglasses with larger lenses. Guozi-shaped face There are many male groups in Guozi-shaped face, which is a more masculine face shape, which is very masculine. This kind of face is wide and large, giving people a strong sense of angle, if you want your face to look more contoured. When pairing with sunglasses, it is better to choose a style with rounded corners to avoid the downward extension of the sense of squareness. The diamond-shaped face has a strong sense of contour and always gives people a very manly look. Many basketball stars have this type of face, such as Yi Jianlian. However, the cheekbones of this face shape are more prominent. When choosing a pair of sunglasses, try to choose a wider style to adjust the proportion of the entire face, and it will look more flavorful.
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